Friday, May 9, 2014

Why I Joined the Lead System Network (LSN) business opportunity

I'm writing this post because I'm of the ones who really tried everything online without ever reaching major success, but I never give up and always hope to find the next thing that will finally bring me and my family true financial success.

 I've been involved in several program in the past, made 250$ on the last one, but that's by continuously motivating and pushing myself...I did it for three month straight, supporting my up line, and emulating everything they do, only to see myself being a spectator of others 4,5,6-figures success.

One day I read a post from my up line about a company called Lead System Network, it was the first time I heard of this company. Basically, the post discourage anybody to join this company because it was a "scam" that wouldn't last with many LOLs and LMBOs in the comments, so I just decided to read about this company.

The first thing I asked myself is: how can someone classify a company that is in pre-launch as a scam? And I started seeing more post about LSN but everytime it was from people in other company, more often then never, people with huge down lines that have "seen" success.

I won't put all the blame on other because I did participate in the bashing when the news came that Telex Free filed for bankruptcy, I was quick to write a post on how terrible it was and all the blah blah. Although it was a terrible news, I realized I was just feeding my selfish ways (if that means anything) taking advantage of the situation.

I don't want to signup someone to a business knowing that it could take them 3 months before they see anything, and that's if they are lucky to see anything. I don't want to have to tell people that the reason why they don't succeed is because they don't try enough, or don't want it enough...I spent 3 months working on this program, at least 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Although I said I was completely done with trying to make money online, I decided to join LSN, the reason being that it was FREE to join during the Pre-launch, but also because I heard those so-called leaders suggesting people to block people promoting it. Out of every program that comes out every minute of the hour, why dedicate so much effort on this one, esp. One in pre-launch with now over 25,000+ members (UPDATE: 30,000 pre-subscribed members) and a compensation plan that had me willing to try one more time?

If everything goes according to plan, LSN should launch their products on June 1. Until then, it is free to sign up. Click here to sign up

My goal is to build a team of 100. I really hope to do this and hopefully see success in the future.

What is Lead System Network?

Lead System Network (LSN) is an All-In-One marketing tool suite connected to an opportunity that pays 100% commissions, 100% of the time. LSN is ideal for any marketer who wants to leverage the internet, as well as mobile technology, to support them in selling any program or product. 

Basic Tool SuiteCustom Lead Capture Pages
Capture page Creator

Custom Email Auto Responders
Custom Text Auto Responder

Custom Voice Auto Responder
Custom postal Auto responders
Lead management software
multi-media Lead broadcast 
Live Chat
Social media inviters
Webinar Platform
Google Hangouts
Viral Blogging Platform
Pro Tool Suite
Must add to Basic Tool Suite
Pro benefits include 
EZ Mobile app creator
Bulk mailer (*free bonus*)

Added to the FORCED MATRIX

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